I love metal, I dream about metal, always have, the rustier, the dirtier the better.

When I graduated from high school, college did not yet appeal to me.
I became a machinist/tool maker apprentice. I worked with high precision and close tolerance machines to create parts for the aerospace industry.
Yes, I did go to college after a while.
Throughout the years I tried to work with other mediums such as wood and plastic only to realize that I love metal and that other stuff is nasty and cannot be welded. Today my artwork is anything but precise or close tolerance.
In a society that is over scheduled and technologically infused my work is getting back to blacksmithing basics: metal, fire, hammer and anvil.


My inspiration comes to me in many ways, for example when I journey to places like the industrial section of Brooklyn I see beauty. I see old broken down abandoned buildings in various stages of dilapidation, built by skilled laborers many years ago. I’m amazed by the strength and variety of shape of these structures. Nature also inspires me. When walking in the woods look for line, shape, color and texture.

The Process

Ideas come to me all the time. Many times I awake from my sleep, around three in morning’ with a burning idea. At that time, I need to sketch my ideas on paper. The next step is to create a more detailed sketch of my project. After that I need sit with my idea for a while.
Many times I build a model of my sculpture and start to look for the metal that will be used for my final sculpture. As I build the sculpture the finished product always changes from the original plan.

I love making art. I have come to realize how creating art is good for my soul. Hammering on a piece of steel is grounding and keeps one balanced in fast paced society.

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